Patrick DeVita-Dillon is a Brooklyn based filmmaker who was born and raised in Greenwich, CT.  From an early age, Mr. DeVita-Dillon has had an interest in film and cinephilia.  He began making films in high school, specializing in experimental and documentary films.  In 2011, he became a finalist at the national C-Span Student Cam competition for his film Say Anything, a documentary about students’ first amendment rights. 
After graduating from high school in 2012, Patrick DeVita-Dillon attended Pratt Institute, graduating in 2017 with a BFA in Film/Video.  Among the films in Mr. DeVita-Dillon's oeuvre include The Execution of Jeanne d’Arc, a short film co-starring noted experimental filmmaker Ross McLaren, about the last days of Jeanne d’Arc’s life before being burned at the stake, and Exile, a take on the Antigone and Oedipus story that mixes contemporary and archaic visuals. Most Recently, Mr. DeVita-Dillon completed Un Figlio, based on a family myth about an aging couple struggling to conceive a child.  
The films of Patrick DeVita-Dillon have premiered at a number of international film festivals including the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, Fanboy Film Festival, and the Rural Film Festival in Spain, where his film Carmine won Best Bizarre Film.